Education in Tanzania

The Tanzanian education system is modeled after England’s and is separated into primary school (grades K-7) and secondary school (grades 8-12). All students are required to take national exams during the 4th and 7th grades. Performance on the 7th grade test determines eligibility to enroll in a public or private secondary school, so the stakes are high.


Public schools are free to students, though students are expected to buy their own uniforms. Public schools, especially primary schools, are not necessarily located within easy commuting distance of all villages. Ekenywa Village, for example, has no public primary school. The nearest primary school (before MJCC) is a walk of over an hour into Arusha along a busy highway.


Private schools are generally considered to provide a higher quality education than the public schools, but tuition fees, in addition to the cost of uniforms and textbooks, are required.